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Weply provides a 24/7 personally staffed chat to websites, which can help increase the conversion of visitors to customers. They are experts in lead generation and live chats, ensuring that companies never miss a sale.

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Never miss out on potential customers with 24/7 live chat

With Weply's chat tool, you ensure that qualified leads land in your company. The chat consultants are trained, and some of them are people with disabilities – an excluded group of people for whom Weply helps to create more jobs. Weply helps companies of all sizes and industries, and can handle chats in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch and English.

  • 50% of leads come between 16-9, therefore 24/7 staffing is crucial for sales

  • Weply's ultimate tool helps increase the average conversion rate by 12%, resulting in a higher ROI on marketing activities

  • Optimize the sales process and make it easier for sales to reach KPIs

  • Get a unique insight into visitor behavior and a solid data basis for future decisions

  • Be available on the Danes' preferred communication channel in purchase situations

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Published: 3/17/2023