AI tool for segmentation

Get more customers with Hintly, the sales department's new ground-breaking, data-based solution for finding the needle in the haystack among the leads.

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Target the right customers

Based on cutting-edge AI technology, Hintly's tool for segmentation and conversion optimization of the modern sales department helps to lift the hit rate on meeting booking and won deals. By analyzing existing and potential customers on more than 600 data points, patterns are identified that reveal which leads are most likely to convert.

  • Sharper target group = more meetings and new customers

  • Automated prioritization of leads = more time for sales work = more sales

  • A detailed, data-driven analysis of your customers and prospects increases precision

  • Get a more accurate ranking of your leads with 600 data points for the typical 5-10 pcs

  • Increase your conversion rate by up to 200%

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