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kompasbank navigator is a digital B2B marketplace that helps you and your company find digital solutions that free up time. You get an overview of which products, solutions and services that are the right ones for your particular business. On the platform, you will find partners who can help streamline business processes, increase employee satisfaction or contribute to continued growth.

As a user, you get full access to all solutions and you also get favorable discounts from many of our partners.

Overview of services

Many partners who can help your business

On navigator you get access to lots of benefits from our strong partners, divided into 9 different main categories, which can help you with administration, finance, law, sustainability and marketing. We are constantly adding new partners and expanding with many good offers, so the overview and access to the tools in the digital toolbox becomes even better.

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In this category you can find services that can help you to manage your administrative task more efficiently. You will find solutions for smart board work, time recording, order management and digital signature.

Administration | Digital Signature | Contracts | navigator

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Bookkeeping & accounting

In this category, you will find solutions that can help you create an overview of your company's financial data. Here you will find solutions for accounting and bookkeeping, overview of costs and payables automations.

Bookkeeping and accounting | Overview of costs | navigator

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In this category you will find solutions that can support an efficient finance department. Here you will find solutions to debt collection and business financing for your company.

Finance | Loans | Debt Collection | Financing | navigator

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In this category you will find a selection of partners who offer LegalTech solutions such as automated legal forms, smart contract management as well as legal counselling and support through a digital platform - even at fair hourly rates.

GDPR | Compliance | Personal Data | navigator

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Find solutions that can help your company with different activities within marketing. With the partners below, you can, among other things, get help to strengthen your company's brand identity, digital marketing and presence on social media.

Digital Marketing | Brand Identity | navigator

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Find solutions to help you all the way from recruitment to ensuring employee wellbeing. Whether you are looking for employee pension providers, to salary systems, employee wellbeing or tools to make every day employee life easier - then you can find them here.

People | Recruitment | Salary | Pension | navigator

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Risk & control

Manage risks and ensure your company is safe and secure. Here you can find services for data management, compliance, credit risks and insurances.

Risk & Control | Data Management | Insurances | navigator

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Sales & webshops

Find solutions to help boost your sales and efforts related to your webshop. In this category you will find solutions to help you manage orders and sales. View our partners below and find services to help you accept payments, optimize your webshop, manage your orders and run your warehouse smarter. You can also find services that helps you promote your services towards new and existing customers.

Sales & marketing | Payments | Orders | navigator

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In this category you find services to help your business reach climate goals and sustainability targets. Here you will find services to help you calculate emissions, engage employees in climate action and remove CO2 emissions from business travel.

Sustainability | Climate | Remove CO2 emissions | navigator

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