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Visionmaker has used Billy's accounting software for 10 years

Meet Lars Juhl, who runs the consulting company Visionmaker, and hear how Billy helps make his everyday life significantly easier.

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Most companies choose to use external advice at some point in their lifetime. Typically, you use a consultant with specialized expertise in areas such as expanding into new markets, developing new products, legal matters, industry knowledge, or general business operations.

Lars Juhl, a consultant in his company Visionmaker, believes you should use a consultant if: "You should consider contacting a consultant if you need a positive, unbiased and open view of your business. I would almost say 'a loving look."

About 10 years ago, Lars Juhl started his company, originally under a different name. To highlight the company's core competencies, the name was later changed to Visionmaker. Visionmaker performs consultancy work and can help with several aspects, including crowdfunding, marketing, and brand or company development.

Visionmaker uses Billy's accounting software

Since Visionmaker was established 10 years ago, the consulting company has used Billy's accounting software with great satisfaction.

"One of the best things when running a business is to write an invoice for a job well done. I have used Billy's invoice module for 10 years and have never had an error," says the CEO of Visonmaker, Lars Juhl, and further highlights the invoice module's many good features:

"The invoice is sent directly from the system, and you are informed that it is registered as sent. When the payment has fallen, you just click in and register it. The system can also handle invoices in foreign currency, which is super important to me."

In addition, Visionmaker also uses Billy's mobile app, which easily makes it possible to upload and register receipts, even when you are on the go. The procedure is simple: you take a picture of the receipt, which is automatically uploaded to the cloud and ready to be posted.

"It makes my daily work easier that there is only one place where everything is gathered. Sometimes I need to write with the chat support, who always goes to great lengths to help with any problems," says Lars Juhl.

Read more about how Billy can make accounting and bookkeeping easy for your business here.

Published: 03/14/2024

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