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Verarca helps training ship reduce their environmental impact

Using Verarca's software, the Danish training ship Georg Stage has gained a clear overview of its total CO2 emissions, saving them significant work time.

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The Georg Stage Memorial Foundation, founded in 1882, owns and operates the training ship Georg Stage. As the world's oldest training ship, it is a model for many other ships worldwide. In addition to helping many young people get started with a maritime education, the training ship Georg Stage now focuses more on its green profile than ever before.

The challenge: To create clarity and reduce the workload

Georg Stage has not yet met the EU's climate requirements for CO2 mapping, but it has already started the process to stay ahead of the legislation. At the same time, it is exploring ways to reduce its CO2 footprint.

Before approaching Verarca, the Danish training ship was committed to creating a more environmentally friendly profile and worked hard to reduce its environmental impact. They tried to simplify the process by analyzing their primary suppliers' CO2 emissions but realized this was far more complex than initially anticipated.

The solution: Clear overview of reduction efforts

Calculating emission factors proved challenging, so Georg Stage contacted Verarca for assistance. Thanks to the sustainability software, the training ship gained a clear overview and saved significant work time.

"The software has been easy to use, and we have had a good dialogue with Verarca, where they have introduced us to the software and taught us how to make the most of it. Now we have gained an overview and are already ahead of the legislation regarding CO2 mapping," says Markus Delfs Jespersen, maritime coordinator at the training ship Georg Stage.

A clear and comprehensive understanding is crucial to strengthen Georg Stage's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. Before they can start lowering emissions, it is necessary to have a clear overview of their current situation, which Verarca helps them achieve. With this insight, they can identify critical areas where their efforts will have the most significant impact and thus initiate strategies to reduce their environmental impact.

The result: Planning for future sustainability strategies

Georg Stage conducts two expeditions annually, each lasting 20 weeks. When the collaboration with Verarca began, the first expedition was already underway. However, that didn't stop them from analyzing this trip's and previous years' data, giving them valuable insights into their future strategies. This includes, among other things, planning supplies for the next expedition, including purchasing food, clothing, and books.

One of Georg Stage's most significant contributors to CO2 emissions is diesel combustion. Therefore, they are actively working to find ways to reduce this consumption. Air travel also constitutes a substantial portion of their emissions, and they are seeking alternative solutions in this area. Verarca has made it easy for the training ship to access data, providing a clear and quick overview of where they should focus their efforts.

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Published: 06/25/2024

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