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Salary makes payroll administration more palatable at OLIOLI

Since OLIOLI decided to replace their outdated payroll software with Salary's modern solution, they have experienced greater efficiency and satisfaction.

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In 2017, the dream of establishing a póke bar in Copenhagen became a reality for the two founders, Frederik and Nicolai. With a vision of creating joy between food and people, they created OLIOLI, which currently has 11 stores across Denmark. These stores employ around 200 employees, serving tasty, high-quality poké bowls.

Below, the Head of People and Culture at OLIOLI, Mathilde Havaleska Lyhne, explains why the restaurant chain chose to change its payroll software system and why the choice fell on Salary.

Why did you change your payroll software?

We changed the payroll software because our previous system was outdated, and we needed to get payroll software with a much higher degree of automation to spend less time on administrative work.

Why did the choice fall on Salary?

We chose Salary's payroll software because it's an intuitive program that's incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate. It also allowed us to integrate our payroll software, scheduling software, and accounting software so it could all work together.

What difference does Salary make to you?

Salary has made a significant difference for us by enabling more integrations. It is now fully integrated with our scheduling software and accounting software. This means that with just one click, we can import the hours of all our hourly paid employees directly into Salary. It's really smart and effective.

What is the best thing about Salary?

The best thing about Salary is probably the very intuitive interface. It is extremely easy to navigate, and it also has a really good holiday overview, which was a lot more complex in our old payroll system.

I can definitely recommend others to use Salary's payroll software. It has worked incredibly well for us, and their support team has been extremely helpful in customizing some slightly special features that we wanted, and I think that's just really cool.

Learn more about how Salary can make the salary more palatable for your company here.

Published: 03/14/2024

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