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Leaf helps Danish company save a lot of money

Using Leaf's insurance software, the Danish restaurant chain OLIOLI saves over DKK 100,000 annually while reducing risk as they are better insured.

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The challenge

With 13 restaurants across the country, OLIOLI prioritizes risk management to protect their expensive equipment and minimize losses in the event of temporary closure. At the same time, they must maintain quality and competitive prices, which requires constant navigation through a changing workforce, the use of part-time employees, expansions, replacement of kitchen equipment, and other operational challenges.

This places high demands on entering and updating of all business insurances, which are not at the top of the list. OLIOLI has an administration that can handle this task, but it isn't straightforward and requires an enormous amount of time, which could be used more efficiently, especially if the company needs the most value for money.

The solution

To get a proper overview of all their insurances, OLIOLI chose to contact Leaf. OLIOLI was onboarded on the Leaf's platform in just a few minutes. In addition, Leaf was authorized to review and update OLIOLI's business insurance. Using accounting and market data, a comprehensive overview and a number of specific recommendations were provided on how to optimize insurance for the benefit of OLIOLI.

Leaf also handles all communication with the insurance company on behalf of OLIOLI, finds new insurance with the best value for money, and helps in case of damage. In addition, the integration with the accounting system ensures that Leaf automatically updates the coverages when needed.

The result

After OLILI started using Leaf's platform, they now save over DKK 100,000 annually on their existing insurance policies by adapting them.

Leaf also identified areas where OLIOLI lacked adequate coverage in the event of an injury. The platform presented these areas as concrete recommendations, accompanied by an estimated price quote.

"I am responsible for insuring and keeping track of all our 13 restaurants. With Leaf's platform and advice, I get invaluable help to ensure that the insurance policies fit our needs. We have both saved a lot of money and found areas where we are now better insured," says Mads Bentzen, CFO of OLIOLI.

Alarms have also been set up so that Leaf can update insurance policies when, for example, OLIOLI hires new employees, buys new equipment, or opens a new restaurant. The collaboration with Leaf has, therefore, meant that OLIOLI has reduced its financial risk in case of damages, avoids paying for unnecessary cover, and does not have to spend time renegotiating or updating its insurance in the future.

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Published: 03/21/2024

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