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Clever Cost helps a big restaurant chain get an overview of its expenses

A big Danish restaurant chain got a better overview of its coverage rate and purchase prices after using Clever Cost's solution.

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For several years, Café Korn struggled with a lack of overview of all the company's expenses in their 10 restaurants. Therefore, they decided to investigate the market for digital solutions that could help them, and here, the choice fell on Clever Cost's tool.

"We have chosen to integrate Clever Cost in all our 10 restaurants. We have done this, as it helps us to keep an eye on our coverage and our purchase prices," says Morten Poulsen, owner of Café Korn.

The restaurant chain had previously tried many different systems, but none of them turned out to be as intelligent and efficient as Clever Cost, says the other owner of Café Korn, Jakob Poulsen:

"We have tried similar systems before, but Clever Cost is extremely fast and smart, because there are no manual processes – it runs completely automatically. That's why Clever Cost gets the warmest recommendations from here."

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Published: 03/21/2023

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