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Eye clinic has experienced increasing interest and gained new customers with Weply's chat tool

After Øjenklinikken Hørsholm started using Weply, they have experienced increased demand and an increase in the influx of new customers.

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Øjenklinikken Hørsholm specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, vision correction surgery and cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Before the eye clinic began their collaboration with Weply, it was possible to contact them by email, call them by phone between 8-16 on weekdays, and write to them via a contact form on their website. With Weply's 24/7 staffed chat tool to supplement their existing communication channels, they had the opportunity to extend their opening hours so that they can also be in contact with customers outside normal office hours.

"Before we chose to partner with Weply, we had phone opening hours. But it was fairly limited, because people are working. So the fact that you can extend your working hours by doing this collaboration in a chat function, it has been extremely valuable for us," says Communication and Marketing Manager at Weply, Lotte Ipsen.

The solution

Weply therefore makes sure that Øjenklinikken Hørsholm always has a personal presence on their website, who is always ready to receive inquiries – even on weekday evenings and at the weekend. In addition, it also meant a lot to them that there is a real person sitting and answering inquiries, and not just a bot.

"Being told there is a consultant – it's not just a bot – it makes a big difference. Partly for me as a customer, as I thereby feel that I can deliver a product to our potential customers. But I can also see and hear from the response I get that it makes a huge difference," says Lotte Ipsen.

At Øjenklinikken Hørsholm, their personal Weply Customer Success Manager has also created great value for them. They found that eminent understanding of the business and the complex product they sell was quickly demonstrated. They could also feel this in the instructions that were given to the chat consultants, so that they can give relevant answers in the chat on behalf of the eye clinic.

"It's quite complex what we sell. And the way our Customer Success Manager managed to get the service under control, and the way she communicated it to the chat consultants, has been absolutely outstanding. I'm impressed," says Lotte Ipsen, Head of Communications and Marketing at Weply.

A win-win situation

For the Eye Clinic, Weply's strong focus on social influence was one of the decisive factors for choosing a chat system. The fact that Weply creates jobs for a group of people who need work is something that Lotte Ipsen believes is extremely valuable:

"That was clearly part of what made us choose Weply. It is super positive that they choose to work with people with a disability. After all, it is a target group that needs a job. And that you can sit wherever it suits, and provide value for us, this way - it's a win-win for everyone."

The result

After Øjenklinikken Hørsholm integrated Weply's chat tool on their website, they have experienced a clear increase in interest and gained several new customers. They now have a partner who ensures that potential customers can have a personal dialogue regardless of the time of day. In addition, the possibility of extending accessibility from normal working hours to being online 24/7 has been very valuable.

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Published: 3/17/2023

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