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BeCause helps the Danish company, Group Online, track and improve their sustainability performance and reduce their environmental impact.

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Group Online is an online marketing and web agency. As the company has grown over the years, its environmental impact has also grown. The management of Group Online is committed to improving its overall sustainability.

To help achieve these goals, Group Online decided to implement the sustainability management software BeCause. The software provides a comprehensive overview of the company's environmental impact and helps identify areas for improvement. Group Online also decided to align its sustainability efforts with the ESG and UN Global Compact frameworks through BeCause.

Group Online chose not to track its sustainability performance using Excel spreadsheets, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. By using BeCause, Group Online was able to simplify its data tracing and analysis processes, saving a significant amount of time and resources. The software also helped unify the company's sustainability data, making it easier to access and analyze.

Many climate benefits with BeCause

One of the key benefits of BeCause for Group Online has been its ability to guide the company in what data to collect and how to collect it. This has allowed Group Online to focus on the sustainability impact of its operations rather than administrative tasks. The software also provides tailored recommendations on how the company can improve its sustainability performance, which has been invaluable in helping Group Online achieve its sustainability goals.

With BeCause, Group Online was able to track and analyse its sustainability figures on its activities. This enabled the company to identify opportunities to optimize and reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the ESG framework. The company was able to save significant costs by implementing various measures that more than capped the resources spent on implementing the sustainability management software. By monitoring these key sustainability parameters, Group Online was able to identify areas for improvement and implement targeted strategies to reduce its environmental impact.

Overall, BeCause has been a valuable tool for Group Online. This has helped the company track and improve its sustainability performance, reduce its environmental impact and meet its sustainability goals, while aligning with the ESG and UN Global Compact frameworks. The resources spent on implementing the software have been more than compensated by the savings achieved through efficiency measures and the time saved by simplifying data tracing and analysis processes. The software's guidance on data collection and tailored recommendations have also been invaluable in helping Group Online focus on sustainability impact and meet its goals.

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Published: 1/3/2023

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