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Get good discounts on digital solutions

On kompasbank navigator, you can get access to good discounts on digital solutions and offers from a lot of specialized partners who can help with everything from HR, sales and administration to bookkeeping and accounting. In cooperation with our partners, we will help you find relevant solutions that can contribute to increased efficiency, satisfaction and growth for your business. The purpose of the platform is to free up time from all the administrative work and make life easier for you and all the many SMEs that create new ideas, products and jobs in society.

The 0-Mission

Sustainable energy

The 0-Mission offers companies a subscription to solar farms. As a customer with them, you help drive the expansion of green energy for the benefit of the climate, and they also make sure that your total CO2 consumption is matched 1:1 with production from solar farms.

The 0-Mission | navigator

WeplyFree trial

Tool to increase conversion rate

Weply provides a 24/7 personally staffed chat to websites, which can help increase the conversion of visitors to customers. They are experts in lead generation and live chats, ensuring that companies never miss a sale.

Weply | navigator

LikvidoFree subscription

Professional debt collection solution

Get payment from your customers with Likvido's efficient debt collection solution for small and medium-sized businesses. 100 percent no-cure-no-pay.

Likvido | navigator

SMEs' digital directory

It is easy to create a profile on kompasbank navigator, and as a user you get full access to:

Bookkeeping & accountingPartner case

Clever Cost helps restaurant chain get an overview of their expenses

Large Danish restaurant chain got a better overview of their coverage rate and purchase prices after they started using Clever Cost's solution.

Clever Cost Customer Case | navigator

Published: 3/21/2023

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