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Overview. Inspiration. Discounts. You can get access to all this and much more with kompasbank navigator. We have more than 50 strong partners who have digital solutions for every need for the small or medium-sized enterprise.

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On kompasbank navigator, you can get access to good discounts on digital solutions and offers from a lot of specialized partners who can help with everything from HR, sales and administration to bookkeeping and accounting. In cooperation with our partners, we will help you find relevant solutions that can contribute to increased efficiency, satisfaction and growth for your business. The purpose of the platform is to free up time from all the administrative work and make life easier for you and all the many SMEs that create new ideas, products and jobs in society.

Explore Transforming Sustainability Management
PrductGet 10% off

Transforming Sustainability Management

Prduct is an intuitive sustainability solution for businesses seeking to manage their product and supplier data and enable closer collaboration with suppliers. By integrating environmental, social and governance data across your value chain and automating tasks, the platform seamlessly enables your company to achieve your sustainability and compliance goals.

Prduct | navigator

Explore The insurance platform for your business

The insurance platform for your business

Leaf is the most personal, best and cheapest way to manage your insurances. They are a full-service solution that helps assess which insurance you need and find them at the best price, saving you both time and money.

Leaf | navigator

Explore Easy and intuitive accounting software
BillyGet 50% off

Easy and intuitive accounting software

Billy is tailored for self-employed as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Send professional invoices, post bills and settle VAT in just a few clicks.

BILLY logo | navigator

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It is easy to create a profile on kompasbank navigator, and as a user you get full access to:

Read the article Conversion rate optimization – how to optimize your website's conversion rate

Conversion rate optimization – how to optimize your website's conversion rate

Conversion rate optimization is about improving the user experience on your website or webshop so that more visitors take the desired action. Even small changes to your website can significantly impact your conversion rate and, thus, the success of your business.

Optimize the conversion rate on your website | navigator

Published: 04/03/2024

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